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JetArea 3.0 - Blown Fuel System Tuning Software - $380!

JetArea brings sophisticated engine tuning and ET prediction technology into the 21st century and right to the starting line! Windows tablet PC's are now powerful enough to handle all the complicated thermodynamic property equations that must be solved for this type of analysis. And small tablet PC’s can easily be taken into the staging lanes to accurately determine that last minute main jet change and ET prediction. The JetArea software does all this for you and handles supercharged methanol, nitromethane and gasoline fueled engines, and drag racecars of all types.

The weather math and dragstrip physics are all laid out in the "Motorsports Standard Atmosphere And Weather Correction Methods" book. JetArea also includes an option for tuning non-supercharged engines. This feature was designed to work for typical A/Fuel Dragsters or methanol fueled engines (A/ND, Sprint Cars, etc.) with mechanical fuel injection systems.

The JetArea software is specifically designed to work with small touch screen displays, as the need for a keyboard and mouse have been dramatically reduced. However, JetArea also works great on any laptop or desktop Windows PC as well. Anything from WXP to the new Windows 10.


JetArea sample program screens are included below for a typical NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car (TA/FC). There are detailed inputs for your supercharger and fuel pump, along with all the traditional weather station variables. You input all your fuel nozzles, bleed jet diameters and check valve pressures in order to tailor the simulation to your exact fuel system design. Then as the weather changes away from a baseline setup that you like . . . Jet Area will determine what the new main jet should be. Another feature allows you to change the blower overdrive and have JetArea predict the required main jet – this is the way some supercharged Top Dragster and Top Sportsman racers are now tuning.

JetArea also has a complete fuel flow bench simulation for your specific fuel system. FlowBench is more accurate than the data you get from a hardware based flow bench because it includes manifold pressure effects (see the sample FlowBench screen below). This feature allows you to predict the GPM and c.c./turn vs. engine RPM . . . and see the effects of the main jet diameter and bleed jets opening and closing with different check valve pressures. The FlowBench graphs and tables make it really easy to set up your fuel system to deliver exactly the GPM you want at every RPM.

September 2015 Update: JetArea now includes the powerful ETProRx app to predict dragstrip ET for all types of bracket racing. Not only does this new app work seamlessly with JetArea to handle the weather variation, ETProRx also includes the track temperature and wind effects for your specific drag racecar. Check out the last sample program screen below for all the new capability.

The price of the JetArea software is $380 and includes:
- the program CD and a user license to allow installation on 2 PC's

 - printed user manual (20 pages!)
- free USPS Priority Mail shipment to any address in the USA

 - special offer: add the MSA Weather Book to your purchase for only $40

Sorry, we can't take COD or credit card orders at this time. If you order the JetArea computer through the mail please make your check or money order out to "Patrick Hale". If you prefer to place an order via e-mail and use PayPal (and they take credit cards!) . . . just use the "send money" PayPal option using my e-mail address below. Feel free to give me a call with any questions. Thanks!

Contact: Patrick Hale

cell: 602.992.2586
A free demo version of the JetArea software and user manual are also available. Yes . . . that's right! FREE!!! Just send me your e-mail address and I will send the free demo to you. You will be able to install and run the JetArea Demo on your Windows PC and play around with it to see how this technology would work for you . . . anything from blown alcohol, to injected and blown nitro, dragsters to door cars! Give the free demo a try first before you order the complete JetArea software!